How RIP Saves You Money

We’re passionate about saving our clients money.  Bottom line: it makes us feel good to help you increase the profitability and success of your business.  The RIP process helps lower your energy costs in a number of ways.

Number one, Expo represents your best interest because we are independent and not affiliated with any utility.  You can count on us to be a strong advocate–working hard to independently audit your past billing records for errors, incorrect rate applications, and other opportunities to achieve immediate savings–without cutting the utilities any slack.  If they owe you money, or have made a mistake, we will be determined in our efforts to seek compensation.

Two, we consult with you and evaluate your current energy usage.  An energy management plan will help your business reduce energy use, increase service reliability/quality, and better understand metering.  Your business could be using power you don’t need, or during times that are not advantageous.

Last, we employ a staff with over 60 years of energy and utility experience.  We use that experience to save you money by leveraging  our relationships with deregulated utility suppliers to negotiate the most favorable rates possible now, and in the future.  We review your existing contract terms and negotiate new, more favorable terms.  We also provide you the latest information on industry issues, strategic energy policies, competitive analysis, and regulatory concerns.

As a result, we have reduced clients’ bills as much as 40% on individual utility accounts–saving our clients millions of dollars.