What a few of our clients are saying about Expo Energy & Environmental:

To Whom it may concern:

We have been using the services of Expo Energy for fifteen years.  They have assisted us with natural gas selection, DDDC questions, time of use rates and several other issues.  Expo Energy also assisted us in buying electricity in our Texas locations.

We are very impressed with their knowledge of the energy field and recommend them highly.


Stephen R. Walker


Dear Mr. Lamm:

On behalf of Chick-fil-A, I want to express our appreciation for the excellent business relationship that has developed between our two companies over the past thirteen years. Working with our locations and operators nationwide, we estimate that Chick-fil-A has saved over $7 million through your efforts. These include the purchase of elect ricity and natural gas in deregulated markets, selecting and ensuring the proper rates, obtaining refunds and credits for billing errors, determining the billing accuracy of our numerous mall locations, assisting with energy and HVAC leasing charges, and negotiating settlements regarding service issues. Your knowledge of the energy field and the utility industry has enabled us to not only save money but to allow us to focus on our core business. We look forward to continuing to work with you in the future.

Darryl Lesure
Senior Purchasing Supervisor
Chick-fil-A Food, Commodities, and Services Division


Success is in the Details:

Expo Energy was instrumental in obtaining a refund for Peachtree Towers Condominiums in excess of $60,000. We had been overcharged for at least two years as the result of mistakes made by Atlanta Gas and two different gas providers. We suspected that the billing was incorrect and started reading our meters independently. Our readings did not match the readings on the bills, but we could not get assistance from Atlanta Gas or our energy provider. We even wrote letters to the Georgia Public Service Commission. When we did not get any results we hired Expo Energy. They knew who to contact, found the billing errors, and did not let up until we received our refund.

I highly recommend Expo Energy. It was worth the consulting fee just to confirm that we were being billed incorrectly. If there are errors on your utility bill you will never know and the utility companies will never tell you. You could potentially save thousands of dollars by having someone take a detailed look for you. I consult with Expo Energy every year to determine when to lock in gas rates. It is not an exact science, but their educated advice is much better than my guess.

Scott Carter
Carter Communities, Inc.


To Expo Energy & Environmental:

Expo Energy has been an excellent resource for me and the associations I manage for several years. Jim and Ray are more than capable of cutting through all the layers in dealing with the natural gas marketers and providers. They have offered extensive assistance with pricing, billing, and most importantly, just knowing where to go to get things done! In turn, they can present this information in such a way that the Boards of Directors can quickly grasp the information, and in most cases make their decision right on the spot.

I cannot imagine the hours of research for pricing and billing that they have saved me over the years. I can unequivocally recommend Expo Energy and Environmental as an excellent, professional, and exceptional resource and partner in helping keep energy costs in line.


Celia A. Ebert, CPM
Parkside Management


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