The ‘RIP’ Process

The only given in the energy business is change.  Rising costs drain revenue from your business, and deregulation has only added to the confusion.  That’s why you need guidance from energy professionals who understand the energy business from the inside out.

The consultants at Expo Energy & Environmental collectively have over sixty years of experience working in the energy industry.  We utilize this insider information and overall knowledge of the business to work with you to lower your overall energy costs.

RIP is our proven energy cost reduction process that has achieved successful results for numerous companies , including Chick-fil-a:

Review Billing

Implement Technology

Procure Deregulated Energy

Review Billing

The first step in the process is to conduct an analysis, audit, evaluation and review of your energy billing for.  Mistakes or missed opportunities in your billing could potentially be worth thousands of dollars in credits.  We’ll investigate billing the following areas looking for errors or omissions:


Natural Gas

Water & Sewer

Solid Waste

Our approach to billing review is comprehensive and includes an examination of your past, current, and future billing:

Possible Credits
Rebates & Refunds

Audit Current Bills
Recommend Rate Alternatives


Identify Cost Saving Measures (Implement Tech)
Prepare for Deregulation (Procure Energy)

Implement Technology

The goal of the Implementation phase is to use technology to take advantage of conservation to reduce usage in the following areas:

–Improved Building Lighting Systems
–Efficient Cooking
–Efficient HVAC
–Energy Management Systems
–Renewable Energy

Procure Energy

The goal of the procurement phase is to help customers obtain the best value in the market place for deregulated energy by utilizing the following actions:

–Develop Energy Database
–Prepare Request for Proposals
–Represent Customer to Marketers

Energy Database

–Organizes Monthly Energy Data
–Collects Hourly Interval Data – Load Shapes

–Manages Monthly and Hourly Data
–Aggregates Data from Multiple Locations

–Request for Proposal Preparation

–Customer Data Needed
–Monthly Utility Billing Data
–Interval Use Data – Load Shape

–RFQ – Request for Qualifications Survey
–Vendor Qualifications
–Services Available

RFP – Request for Proposal

–Terms & Conditions
–Value Added Services
–Metering & Billing
–Customer Service

Customer Representation

–Aggregate Energy Use Data
–Issue RFPs for Gas and Electricity

–Advise on Supplier Choices
–Negotiate Service Agreements

Billing Review Process

What do we need to start the billing process?

–Signed Agreement
–Information Request Letter
–Account List with Important Information

–Store Numbers & Addresses
–Utility Name & Account Number
–Other Info. – Sq. Ft., Hours, Loads, etc.
–Copies of Bills and/or Histories

Energy Procurement Process

What do we need to start the procurement process?

–Identify Customer’s Needs
–Determine Scope, for example:
–Number of Facilities, Sizes & Locations
–Energy Use & Budget
–Current Utility Vendors